Topband: doping

Gregory Heath kb2qqm at
Sun Oct 15 21:05:46 EDT 2006

magnesium sulfate=epsom salt

found on some pdf file...shown to help grass grow better.  better chrorophyl
production or something...
If I killed the grass I would be dead meat!  It would make rolling over in
bed hard with that knife in my back.
I am going to try a small patch by the 5 ground rods I have.  If you don't
ever hear from me wife will
have "gotten" me.

I did hear a couple of guys on 160 calling cq dx...and really did want to
call them...(since with my setup they really are DX !).
but I know answering someone who is calling cq dx stateside
is a no's like a fart in church....
I started working on my new receive antenna loop by KN4LF..if anybody has
tried it or has any input on it...I would be happy to hear.
It's like the one in the ARRL antenna handbook, the 20' loop out of RG-6 and
1 1/2" PVC pipe tuned at the loop with a 400 pf, variable cap trimmer, and
with a cheap rotator..  KN4LF has it on his website....  You can either use
it like that or also install a preamp...   Anyway your thoughts....remember
I live on a
postage stamp with no supports...

Greg kb2qqm

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