Topband: Need Advice (Long Wire Antenna Materials)

Edward Sylvester navydude1962 at
Mon Oct 16 00:27:06 EDT 2006

Since I will likely be using this antenna for the Low Bands, I thought this would be a good group to poll for wire advice.  My friend and I are trying to optimally utilize some very tall cedar pines on his 5 acre property.
  We've decided that a Long Wire is best, for now.....The spance between the two support trees is ~1000 feet.  What kind of wire would you use for this application, keeping in mind the continuous swaying of the trees, the distance, the elements, etc?
  We only wanna have to do this once, so all solemn advice will be taken seriously!
  Might you have a better suggestion for an all band antenna that would be supported between two trees, 1000' apart??  Your input is appreciated.
  Thanks and 73,
  Ed NI6S

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