Topband: Topband antenna for 1-men-show in HB0 January 2007

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Fri Oct 27 22:53:39 EDT 2006

     >Maybe some can tell me how to solve my "radial problem" for the 160m >toploaded vertical. 
>1.)    Can I lay isolated wires "on the snow" or must I use stakes to have them 
>more "elevated" ?

Elevated 4-7m would be better, if you can put up resonant radials.

 >2.)   Shall I use few 1/4 wl or more 1/8 wavelength radials ? by a given total 
wire length of 400m/1200ft ? 

Go to for an article that calculates the correct numer and length of radials for a given lenght of available wire.  
73 & GL.  Kenny K2KW

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