Topband: Thoughts on making low resistance joints between aluminium tubing sections?

George Stewart, VK5ALS ggstewart at
Tue Sep 5 22:12:25 EDT 2006

Hi Topbanders,

Thanks to all who took the trouble to reply to the above posting. All
replies were very much appreciated and I ended up with a sensible approach
to making good low resistance RF joins between the sections of the vertical
made of aluminium tubing.

Top Band listings are certainly a great resource to have at one's
finger-tips, being able to draw on the current wisdom of practical
topbanders so easily is a great. This is made particularly useful because so
many topbanders operate from the mindset of sharing what they have learnt
and are prepared to take the time to help there fellow hams solve even the
smallest of problems.

Thank you all once again.


George, VK5ALS

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