Topband: Term. resistance and location of K9AY

K9AY k9ay at
Fri Sep 8 12:16:54 EDT 2006

 > First of can I use metal or carbon film resistors, or it has to be
> composite type? ( same as beverages)
> My second question is about the location. My problem is, that my QTH is
> very sloping abt 30% degree. I have a small creek in the bottom, and
> then small hill , abt 4 meters height. Same on another site. Next to the
> creek (at very bottom) I have space for K9AY loop. Is that a good
> position? What happens, if I install it to the sloping part of the
> property?
> Thanks,

The smaller size of the loop will collect less transient energy, so a film 
resistor will last much longer than with a Beverage. I haven't blown mine in 
several years of operation, but that's just luck. Nearby lightning -- and 
sometimes high power RF -- can damage both the terminating resistor and the 
matching transformer, as with any receive antenna.

As far as slope, the antenna will still work on a hillside or in a valley --  
ALL signals, transmit or receive, are subject to the effects of terrain. A 
location high and clear is certainly best, but sometimes we must accept what 
is available to us! The antenna is small enough to move easily, so you can 
try another location if the first one does seem to work well.

73, Gary

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