Topband: Base Insulators for Verticals

Michael Rauh mikerauh at
Sun Sep 10 09:09:07 EDT 2006

--- Donald Chester <k4kyv at> wrote:

Using three separate insulators, one in each leg of a guyed tower, is about 
the WORST possible approach.

--- Tom Rauch <w8ji at> wrote:

It's very important the base be able to rock and slightly twist on 
some form of pivot without doing anything but placing the 
insulator under compression.


I agree and I felt very uncomfortable with the tower leg insulators for that
reason. Tower leg insulators seem to be the only type readily available to

I can fabricate a full pivot base.  The base is free to rotate (slightly) in
the x, y and z planes.  I could then mount the leg insulators above the base. 
How does that sound?

Mike W8GT

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