Topband: On Using RG-6 Coaxial Cable...

Ed Swynar gswynar at
Wed Sep 13 08:08:17 EDT 2006

Good Morning All,

What joy to hear the band so quiet as it is this morning, AND to be able to copy --- quite clearly --- both ZL and VK land as they rolled into the clutches of my K9AY loop...!

But I digress...

My question is to anyone who may have ever used RG-6 "satellite TV" foam coaxial cable in their antenna system(s), specifically, the attachment of PL-259 plugs thereonL did you, per chance, simply apply a generous amount of epoxy glue on the inside of things, prior to soldering the centre conductor of the cable to the centre "pin" of the plug...?

That's, in essence, what I did here, after installing an RG-59 type reducer into the barrel of the plug. My only concern was the integrity of the electrical contact between the outer "braid" drain wires of the cable & the body of the plug itself --- essentially just a "friction fit" due to the incompatability of the stuff with lead & tin solder.

Maybe I should have slipped a length of heat shrink tubing overlapping the end of the plug & a portion of the cable to ensure physical "soundness"...?

Anyway, just curious, as I am about to embark on a fairly major re-vamp of my 160-meter transmitting antenna set-up here in the coming days --- and I don't want to become TOO heavily invested in a technique that may ultimately prove to be unsound in the long run, especially with out-of-doors runs of cable, et al...

Many thanks to all, & vy

~73!~ Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ

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