Topband: Linear loaded vertical H

Roy Morgan roy.morgan at
Wed Sep 13 15:54:11 EDT 2006

At 12:02 PM 9/11/2006, John Tait wrote:
> > I modelled a vertical H antenna with folded legs, 12m height and 34m
> > wide. ...
>*Hi Armin..
>          I have been using this type of antenna for some years with very
>good results.  ... the idea from Rudy N6LF's article in QEX:

John and Armin,

I read with interest the N6LF article that tells of using a metal roof 
about 35 by 60 feet as the lower "disk".  My new radio shack will be in a 
barn that has a metal roof a bit smaller than this, but I'm willing to try 
it out.  I have trees off one end of the roof peak, and may have to either 
put up a support for the other end, or let it slope.

Has anyone else used a metal roof this way?


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