Topband: RG-6 Coaxial Cable...

Dave Heil k8mn at
Thu Sep 14 14:27:48 EDT 2006

Tom Rauch wrote:

> By the way on 160, 80, and 40 meters RG6 will easily handle 
> 1500 watts in free air. I use it for dipole feedlines on 
> occasion to save weight.

That's good to know.  Thanks for the tip.  I've been using the 500' 
spools from Lowe's though the price of RG-6, like other coaxial cables, 
is going through the roof right now.

> When I was in CATV/MATV plant design we used F to 259's, so 
> I expect they are still available. A search on Internet 
> pulled up a dozen sources in the price range of $3.00, like 
> this source:

I found them a couple of years ago at my local Radio Shack at near the 
same price.


Dave K8MN

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