Topband: metal roof ground plane

Rudy Severns rudys at
Thu Sep 14 14:57:48 EDT 2006

I would like to point out a couple of important points to those of you who 
have been reading my QEX article.

1) The example in the article was for 80 m.

2) All the metal sheets were bonded together.

3) Even for that much roof area, I still had to use an isolation choke. 
Without it there was lots of RF in the shack on the transmission line from 
the attic to the shack.

4) On 160 m that much roof is effectively only half the size ( in terms of 

5) Don't forget the effect of gutters and down spouts which may or may not 
be metal or connected to the roof and/or ground.  In my case they were not 

73, Rudy N6LF 

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