Topband: Beverage question

Jack/NA7RF vhfplus at
Sat Sep 16 09:33:53 EDT 2006

Good day, all:

I am putting up at least two short (290 foot) Beverage antennas and have 
a question about orientation...

One will be for JA/South America at 300/120 degrees, which is not a 
problem. The other will be for EU/ZL (maybe) and there is where I have 
some concern. If I orient the EU/ZL Beverage at 030/180 degrees that 
puts me right in the middle of the auroral oval toward EU, even at 
activity minima. Is there a better orientation for that Beverage from 
the Reno, Nevada, area?

I have had time, during a hospital stay the past couple of days, to 
peruse ON4UN's "Low Band DX'ing" and have read about skew paths, which 
is the reason I ask about better alternative directions. My property 
dimensions (roughly 500x300 feet available for antennas with the long 
dimension oriented east/west) are such that any multiple Beverage 
installation will require some crossing of the antennas so the number 
and directions of the Beverages will likely be limited, to a certain extent.

I already have a 580 foot Beverage at 75/255 degrees which was put up 
primarily to work 160 WAS last year, which I accomplished. Any 
suggestions about orientation on the proposed antennas, with or without 
the existing Beverage?

Thanks, in advance,

Jack, NA7RF (ex AE7DX)

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