Topband: Boring Report - the season thus far

Tree tree at
Sun Sep 17 06:55:04 EDT 2006

Hello from Boring, Oregon.

The band has been showing early signs of life and the following DX stations 
have been worked so far:

05-Sep ZS6WN  09-Sep DF2PY  12-Sep GM3POI  15-Sep GM3POI  16-Sep SM5EDX DF2PY
17-Sep HK3BVD (after a few nights of trying) 

So - I got up around 3 AM and worked VK4ZL ZL2SQ JA3BCT VK6HD VK6VZ.

Am hearing DU/N0NM, but he has too much QRN to hear me just now.

This is a first for the Boring station - a WAC in September and before the 
equinox at that!!  Still lots of summertime QRN about, but some good openings 
are being seen already.

Hope to have the Stew Perry writeup done in a few weeks.  The plaques are on
order and if you missed the previous announcement, the scores are up at

73 Tree N6TR/7
Boring, OR

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