Topband: Boring report - no QSOs in the log - but...

Tree tree at
Thu Sep 21 12:34:47 EDT 2006

I probably could have done "HAC" (heard all continents) last night
without much trouble (other than the trouble of waking up at 3 AM
to hear VK and JA).  

EA3JE was hoding court.  For those of you who don't know what that means, 
they had a very nice signal (about as loud as W1AW was here), but listening 
on 7033 kHz.  The word is that the station has very bad QRN to deal with 
and has a hard time hearing on topband.  They sure get out well however 
and make a nice beacon.  I noticed they were on 1829 instead of the more 
traditional 1830, which might it easier for those with AM BC problems to 
hear.  EA3JE was peaking a good 569 and was coming in best on the 30 
degree (as opposed to 70 degree) beverage.

ZS6WN was active around his sunset - and I could hear his signal, but not 
really well.  He was probably about 349 - coming in on the 70 degree 

HK3BVD worked a number of stations on 1834ish.  I didn't bother calling 
since I worked him last week.  

OH3XR listened for my signal once and heard nothing.  

Still - the band continues to show signs of life - and gives every indication
that the great conditions we experienced during the middle of October during
the past two years can repeat this year.  At least for me, the openings in 
October were the best of the season.

Don't miss it - be ready!!

73 Tree N6TR/7
Boring, OR
tree at

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