Topband: Totally Deaf

Harold Smith w0rihps at
Sun Sep 24 12:22:29 EDT 2006

Hi Charles:

Please don't give up just because someone who probably has never operated 
with strong noise, make some unnecessary

When Merv, K9FD and I were at BY1QH in January 1998 we had the same 
conditions that you are operating under.
We had the same comments made about us. S9 + 20dB noise was on 160 and very 
strong commercial stations on 80

Only 3 stations east of the Mississippi made it in the log on 160, N4CC, 
K9YY and WB9Z.

Please don't give up, I need S9 on topband. I also have a S9 to 10dB over 9 
on 160.

There are many countries I could have worked but they were not readable. No 
computer assist here.
I have managed 165 confirmed on 160. I do check the band almost every night 
and hear persons working
DX that I can't hear a peep from.

73 and keep up the GOOD work.

Price W0RI and Club Trustee of W0CKC 

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