Topband: gamma match question

George (K8GG) & Marijke Guerin gmguerin at
Sun Sep 24 19:18:04 EDT 2006

Further to what Paul, N1BUG, asked about gamma matching a top loaded tower 
for 160 meters:
Once a 50 ohm + the inductive reactance point is found, and an appropriate 
series capacitor is selected to tune out the reactance, the resonant 
frequency can be moved up and down the band by reducing or increasing the 
amount of series capacity.
One of the Chicago area hams used a wide spaced air variable in a weather 
proof box with a stepper motor, but I prefer a vacuum variable... and would 
start with 1000 pfd at 5 KV as a general guideline.
73 to all
George    K8GG

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