Topband: 160mtr loop for receive only

AD5VJ Bob rtnmi at
Mon Sep 25 19:14:41 EDT 2006

Would I be wasting my time on a loop antenna for 160?

It just doesn't seem right to be able to get by with so little length of wire. What I mean is there is no surface area involved and
I don't see how it could work well without a large coverage area.

I have just read about a loop antenna for 160 while I was searching out various (no cost) options to improve my receive setup here.

I am not using the 80 meter combo I am only looking at building one for Top Band at this time. With just twenty feet of coax needed
and a couple of F connectors, this might be doable.

But is it a waste of time?

This loop comes down to a box that houses a capacitor, he gives the value (400pf) and shows the symbol of a variable cap, but
doesn't say what type cap it is.

I have no caps or boxes and cant buy *anything radio* (right now) the XYL says, so I was wondering if I could just go to an F
connector T and come into the shack to my MFJ-949B tuner and accomplish the same thing the capactor would do at the antenna.

Or if it is for impedance matching could I feed it with tv twin lead?

  73 fer nw,

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