Topband: September.

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Thu Sep 28 10:06:31 EDT 2006

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We are  about to run into our summer Qrn season but I will be on the band 
most  days between thunderstorms and my Fire Comms duties.I look forward 
to  continuing contacts and will start looking for Europe again this year 
at  the end of October.
Thanks for the ride.73.....Bob  VK3ZL..

Bob - I shut my amp down 30 minutes after my sunrise thinking the VK path  
was gone but then heard you pounding in QSO with Jon AA1K. Amazing signal you  
have consistently all month. It's been a thrill to work VK several times from 
my  pea-shooter station here.  Will have my 60 ft top loaded vertical soon  
tho.. 73 Pete W2PM

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