Topband: Noise Limiter Help

Tom McAlee tom at
Thu Sep 28 21:12:40 EDT 2006

I recently added one of the MFJ 1025 boxes to the setup.

A K3LR tip set me in the right direction.  Peak the noise, then use the 180 
button to cancel it.  I have found it is easy to cancel out S9+60dB ground 
wave signals from broadcast stations below the 160m band.  But, I've not had 
any success with skywave signals.  I still need to do more experimenting 

> Are there any other devices available that may be more appropriate for my 
> situation?

DX Engineering has one coming out.  Their web page says "Fall 06".  On his 
web page on the topic ( ), W8JI 
describes some differences in his design vs. the 1025 and I'm hoping those 
make it into the DX Engineering model.

> Please reply to me directly to minimize the impact on the group

I wouldn't mind hearing about people's experiences with these devices also.

Tom, NI1N

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