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> I havent´t compared my device against the MFJ. Additionally it may be "out
> of spec" or simply broken. It even may behave more reliantly on very small
> antennas with signal strengths below S4. But I decided to stop my
> experiments with that device and go instead for some K9AY loops.

There are 2 different issues here - two problems and two types of tools.  The 
AY loop wont help you much for very local crud noise problems - that's where 
the MFJ 1025 will help. But the nullers WONT help on atmospheric noise (except 
in rare circumstances) and other band noise from directions away from your 
intended DX -thats where a directional antenna works.  I personally think you 
need both if you live in a suburband neighborhood especially since there can be 
a lot of local noise from power lines, computers etc. (note the nullers only 
can null a specific noise from one direction too - not multiple noises.)

Here at my noisy suburban QTH I have multiple noise antennas for the MFJ1025 
and multiple Pennants - and a mag loop.  IF you have intense local noise your 
hosed no matter what good rx antenna hence the good reason for a 1025 or 
similar. Keep in mind the ANC4 doesn't have the phase range necessary on 160 to 
work real well there. 

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