Topband: HA-10 on 160

Mike(W5UC) & Kathy(K5MWH) w5uc at
Fri Sep 29 11:54:49 EDT 2006

Several have sent requests for the location of the article on converting the
HA-10 for 160, so here it is for others.

The site is called The Wayback Machine, and it can be found at:

Plug this URL into the search:

I went to where I got the inactive URL(above) and plugged it in to The
Wayback Machine and it found several stored references to the page. I
printed the article from the internet page. I then tried to copy & paste it
into Word, but it came out all funky.  If you have trouble let me know and I
will scan it and send it to you. I think the original article appeared in
CQ, but I don't know the date. Good Luck.

Mike, W5UC

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