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Aren't all these figures ground wave? That's quite useful for 
broadcasters, as that's where the consumer radios are, but do we know 
by measurement of some kind what the results would be at even 5 
degrees, so we are not dealing with any possible ground proximity 
effect that does not map to the useful (for us) skywave?

I once took FS measurements at descending altitudes around WCPE-FM in 
a helicopter while the pilot used altimeter and GPS to get us in plot 
positions. This was to see what kind of interaction we were getting 
from the tower structure and a side-mounted antenna. There was 
interaction and it was plottable, and was responsible for some of our 
medium to far coverage reception issues. I was never able to come up 
with a model that came close to generating the measured values.

Anyone ever do that or something similar with 160 or high broadcast 
verticals to see if the modeled efficiencies hold for skywave? I doubt 
the broadcasters would give a hoot. In the end, advertisers are paying 
for the ground wave.


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>> So for all that extra work of doubling the radials from 60
>> to 120 you would get about 0.2dB.
> Not to mention the cost of the wire, which is about 3X what it was a
> few years ago.
> Tree
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