Topband: Buried Coax for Rx Array

Jarda OK1RD ok1rd at
Tue Dec 4 14:54:32 EST 2007

Dear Greg,
I read your article with understanding and it is a pity you met the same
problem which had met me a five years ago. I had ran my remote controlled
QTH for Rxing only that time and there were just few hundreds metres of
coaxial cable feeding Beverages. I replaced this feeders for a new one
several times nevertheless after certain period ( based on year season ) a
cable sheathing was eaten and moisture enters into coaxial body again. I
found it was a desperate fight. 
I do not have access to CATV cables here too and moreover I started to build
QTH for Txing too and I needed several sorts of coaxial and control cables.
It is fortunate that a friend of mine is owner of cable factory ( OK1MY )
and he developed for me bunch of sorts of cables like coaxial 50Ohm, 75Ohm,
100 Ohm, both dielectric -solid or foam, different losses and several
sheathing style from light to very heavy armoured BUT all of cables are load
with special sheath which is highly water proof and any sort of fowls don't
like it.
Since this time I have not found any problem with feeders ( HF or
controlling ) and at the moment there are in use about 20km of cables
I know that ZL and OK are so far away and don't know the other circumstances
but I can ask Pavel, OK1MY, if he could help.
He develops also a perfect wire for Beverages or wire antennas which consist
of glass fibre and Cu wire and has past belief strength which can overcome
hundreds of metres of span. But stop because this could look like an
I wanted to say, based on my personal experience, that you will have to
replace all the cables for special one because subsequent maintenance is
more complicated then building a new system.
You made I good decision to replace feeders and if I can meaningfully help
let me know.
73 Jarda OK1RD  

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