Topband: Recent Conditions and Propagation From Texas

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Subject: Topband: Recent Conditions and Propagation From Texas

During the last several nights, The A and K indexes have been near zero.
Sunspot numbers have been at or near zero, and more often than not, the
polar aurora has been very low.

Conditions and propagation from E. TX have been average, at best. Only 
"usual players" with average signals are coming through from Europe. 
The guy
in Iceland never seems to work any NA stations. The rare countries in 
the South Pacific, etc. are not hearable at this QTH.

What ingredients are missing here? You would think that the conditions 
be fantastic, with at least huge signals coming from EU. Where on the 
can you go to see if 160 meters is going to worth trying on any given
evening? Apparently, the A, K, Aurora, and sunspots don't guarantee

Phil, K5PC

W2PM Responds:

40 and 30 have been mostly dead at night although 80 has been OK.  BUT 
how is the SFI still in the low 70's when there have been no sunspots?  
I recall the last minima has SFIs in the low 50's, maybe lower.

And one other data point is the WWVB signal here in NNJ has been absent 
most of the last 10 days.

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