Topband: big K9AY-loop + MFJ 10126

Ryszard Tymkiewicz rtym at
Sun Dec 23 03:45:42 EST 2007

Another experiment is 2 verticals spaced ¼ wave (40m apart) tuned for 160m.
The verticals are 6 mtrs long and in use with the MFJ 1026. It works, but
not as good as the K9AY loops. So next experiment will be 2 x k9ay loops
spaced 40m in combination with the 1026.
Conclusion: to improve the gain here, I have to work further with the K9AY
73'Johan PA5A

Johan I sent already addresses of these pages a few years ago but  maybe
it helps you :

Because I have not enough space for 4sq and 40m distance is to much for me  they made for me similar
system but with 135 deg  shift and antennas are spaced 20m ... the system is working working with 2 K9AY's.
 Last year I was using 2 such phasing systems and K9AY's were in a right-angled triangle - one in the middle was
 with 2 loops and other two with just one loop and I had all 4 directions ..

                                   73 GL
      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for All Topbanders..

                                   Rys SP5EWY

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