Topband: MFJ-1026 question

Peter Dougherty w2irt at
Tue Dec 25 23:03:35 EST 2007

Hi all,

I'm just starting to play with my 1026 and I have a question or two. 
I'm using a 20' vertical wire as my sense antenna and my K9AY loop as 
my main antenna and I'm finding that I can't use the preamp at all if 
I'm to get any cancelling on the 1026. My settings arey 7-10-10 with 
the invert switch out. I can get rid of the AC line noise on 80 with 
it to a pretty good degree but not entirely. adjusting the levels 
doesn't do much beyond that point. Is there a way I can use the 
preamp and still get noise cancelling out of this?

Secondly, the manual indicates this unit is good for approximately 
100W. I'd like to run my TX antennas through this box, but has 
anybody had success (or failure) running more? I have a Mark V 
transceiver and on 30m I like to run the full 200W legal-limit from 
the radio. I'm afraid of damaging the 1026 if I do so. Any experience 
one way or the other?

Thanks in advance.



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