Topband: Noise Canceller saves the Stew (long)

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Paul N1BUG Wrote:

By careful adjustment of the MFJ-1026 I am able to null the noise
down to S2 NE, S4 W, S7 SW and S1 on a WNW BOG. I cannot find a
useful null when using Beverages in other directions.

My apologies to those I couldn't hear. Even with a fairly deep null
I still had plenty of noise.
In locations about +/- 10 degrees of the equator what Paul describes is an
average night of trying to work 160 metres. If we get the ambient noise
below S-5 it is a great night,  Using beverages the chances of hearing a
signal improve but it is still firing into noise no matter what direction
you put the beverage. Couple that with power lines never serviced because
somebody stole the maintenance budget at headquarters, TV sets made in the
latter half of the last century that radiate broadband crud, and the helpful
NPLA Dragon operators on Hainan Island and you have a real mess.
If you have always operated in the 'target rich' and soft environment of
higher (or lower) latitudes such as USA or Europe, you have no idea what a
challenge it can be.  Take away any decent propagation and then it's time to
move up the spectrum t VHF, like maybe 80 metres.

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