Topband: report from UK and YV2IF question

Ian Keyser ian.keyser at
Sat Feb 3 03:49:13 EST 2007

Woke at 0430 so decided on a cuppa and a qso or two.   One of those deadly 
quiet mornings NO static, just agentle hiss.

First thing I noticed was echo's.... not long enough for round the world.... 
know what they sound like from the HF bands, but more like a delayed click

Tess K1DT replied to my CQ and the first thing I noticed that I could hear 
the echo on his signal as well!   After a nice chat put out another CQ and 
YV2IF came back.... 589 both ways..... I do wonder if it was a pirate, Is he 
active on 160m?.



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