Topband: ZL6QH in CQ WW 160m

Brian Miller brianmiller at
Mon Feb 5 18:50:24 EST 2007

Hi Petr, Dave, Greg and others

Judging by the comments, it looks like creating a EU-free window in the range
will be in the 'too hard' category!

However, Dave's suggestion about operating QSX, with ZL, VK  and other DX
transmitting below 1810 and listening somewhere further up the band would seem
to be worth pursuing.

I have not done a full analysis, but it appears that while many EU stations can
operate down to 1810, others are restricted to operating above 1830.

At ZL6QH we have strong local QRM from a local GPS correction beacon on 1818.6
MHz which wipes out the band between 1815 and 1822 kHz and causes spurious
artefacts well outside that range. So from our perspective the best EU transmit
window would be as far away as possible from the GPS beacon frequency.

Considering the above, I suggest that a suitable EU TX window might be in the
range 1835 to 1840, just above the NA window. An alternative would be 1810 to
1815 which would also allow us to work JA.

What do others think - are there any other suggestions for the TX window?

Thanks and 73

Brian ZL1AZE

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