Topband: RG-6 for beverages

Tom McAlee tom at
Tue Feb 6 12:54:19 EST 2007

> Search "flooded RG6" on eBay.

There is also plenty of flooded RG11 available on eBay.  Try searching for 
RG11, RG-11, and "RG 11" (need the quotes if you put the space in there).

I recently bought 10,000' of flooded RG11 (Commscope and Belden in 1000' 
spools, all unused) for about $1100 including shipping.

DX Engineering sells Commscope flooded RG6 brand new for $0.12 per foot in 
1000' rolls.  But, you can get RG11 cheaper on eBay.

Tom, NI1N

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