Topband: Cold Creek report (with deference to the Boring report)

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Wed Feb 7 08:14:46 EST 2007

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It is  frozen (solid) here in beauteous Ohio so I checked the bands at 1100 
PM  local before turning in and found 160 to be good shape. I wrked a total 
of  34 stations (list of prefixes below) over the period of 0419Z to 0646 Z. 
I  wrked the 6W @0419  then cruised up and down the band. I called CQ near  
the end of my time and worked a fair number of EU plus KH6, 8P and EU .  Just 
one of the best nights in a long while on 160!!! Many of the EU guys  sounded 
like locals and probably could have been copied on a coat  hanger.

It appears to be absorption is fairly low.  I've noticed the last few  local 
mornings here in NJ that 40 meters is still open fairly well to EU at  1200Z - 
in fact EU QRM'ng VK on greyline propagation there.  
Whats a bit disturbing to me is that based on current sunspot conditions,  we 
appear to have hit as low as it's going to go for this cycle (in fact we  
likely past the minima). SO that would mean subsequent few years leading up to  
the new cycle's rise won't be as "good" as this "minima" year.   Yeccch.  Im 
just hoping to salvage this lousy season for me with a good  Spring coming up.  
The Fall was excellent here.

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