Topband: Topband W/VE CW contest segments

f6irf at f6irf at
Wed Feb 7 10:27:22 EST 2007

This is a question for American and Canadian hams...
We will be in Morroco as CN2WW for the next coming ARRLDX CW (M/S)- See for details.

I just learned from the Arram Secretary (Kacem, CN8LR) that the whole band
1810-2000 is open for CW in CN.
Therefore my question is the following one: What would be the best frequency (or
band segment) to work W and VE stations on 160 during the contest ?

Obviously the ideas behind are
- Is there any limitation for CW contesting in States and VE (or recommended
- As much as possible, and as we can't setup a beverage, get outside the EU most
crowded segment, but not too far away, as most hams, would be, I believe limited
by their antenna bandwidth (I assume a majority do have their antenna optimized
for the 1830-35 DX segment...)
- Of course it is always possible to QSY, but within the limits of the antenna
bandwidth !

Your comments and suggestions would be appreciated !

Thanks in advance

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