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> Thanks to all who replied. However, none of the other ideas are going to 
> work. I dont have a flagpole, I dont have any trees (other than some that 
> are at most 10' tall), and the total size of the lot is about 100x120'. 
> Add to that, the lot is right next to a pond facing a main street - all 
> but one side of the yard is completely exposed. I cant erect a support 
> structure. Whatever antenna I come up with has to be nearly invisible. I 
> know thats a lot to ask out of an antenna, but like I said before - I have 
> to make due with what I have.
>  I have been using a screwdriver antenna on the back of my truck for 80 
> meters and up and it has worked OK. I have about 150' of coax going out 
> there. That works because the antenna is on my truck, not the house or in 
> the yard. However, it isnt going to work on 160 because my truck isnt 
> enough of a counterpoise.
>  I thought about using a balloon to pull up a vertical wire, but if it 
> popped I would drape the wire over at least 2 other people's houses, and I 
> am trying to do this as low-profile as I can. Thats why I want to use the 
> plumbing in the house as the counterpoise - theres a lot of copper there 
> to tap into.
>  Is there any other kind of wire I can toss up to radiate something?
>  If I use my screwdriver as a variable loading coil... maybe I could 
> employ the balloon method and use a shorter wire - say, 60' or so? This 
> would get me a nearly vertical antenna without any support structure. I 
> could throw it up when I operate and take it down when Im not operating. I 
> would still need a counterpoise though. Any thoughts, comments on that?
>  Its not fun being restricted but thats the way it is here. That doesnt 
> mean I cant get on the band though. Im trying to find a way around my 
> restrictions rather than face them head on.
>  Steve, KC8QVO


I've got one of these 40' telescoping "Wonderpole" fiberglass masts:

that I use to raise the far end of the horizontal top-loading wire on
my inverted-L up off the ground. When I am not using the antenna,
I can collapse the pole length to about 8'. The mast has twist lock
colletts at the section joints, so it takes just a minute or two raise the

Two of these would allow you to erect and retract a 40' inverted-L
in about 5 minutes. In my case, the base of the wonderpole is at around
10' (2nd story porch), so the effective height when fully extended
is ~50'.

73, Mike W4EF............................

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