Topband: Wonderpole

Bill Tippett btippett at
Sat Feb 10 09:09:53 EST 2007

W4EF wrote:
 >I've got one of these 40' telescoping "Wonderpole" fiberglass masts:

Mike or anyone:

         One of these days I plan to go on some expeditions
myself.  At 40' (12.2m) tall, 8 (2.44m) feet retracted and 14
pounds (6+ kg), the Wonderpole looks like an excellent support
for an inverted-L.  Questions for you or anyone:

1.  Could a fishing pole extension be added to the top of
this or would it be too flimsy?  I believe another 15-20'
would get it in great range for supporting a #14 wire.  This
would be equivalent to an 18m "Aki (JA5DQH) Special" which
I believe is what JA4DND is using at DX0JP (two in phase).

2.  What are the current international length restrictions
for checked baggage?  I see ski bags go up to 2m but will the
airlines accept 2.5m?

3.  Is there a better solution (i.e. retracted length of 2m)?

                                         73,  Bill  W4ZV

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