Topband: FB-JA opening/PA6Z info

Dick knaap159 at
Sun Feb 11 17:05:50 EST 2007

Hello all,

Had a nice opening into JA yesterday evening. It was the first time ever I experienced such a nice opening.
We are trying to optimize our 160m station, and therefore we would like to know how our signal was this weekend
compaired to the other PA's/EU sigs.

Another thing that interests me is , "how good where our ears?" as I was responsible for the whole RX set up.
We're using 2x400m staggered beverage towards East/Asia and 2x240m staggered beverage towards the USA.

One again thanks to everybody who called was a very enjoyable DX-weekend on 160...


Dick, PA4VHF (sri, can't help my suffix...) 160m resposible at PA6Z

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