Topband: Not so Boring Report

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Tue Feb 13 01:20:31 EST 2007

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> Hello radio!!  Wow, the European beverage does still work.  It had been a
> very long time since I really heard Europe coming in well.
> Found RA4LW with a super signal at 0400Z and he came right back.  He also
> worked New Mexico.  I heard several UA3 stations on the band (didn't get
> any of them in the log, and then noticed the SMs and OHs were pretty loud.
> It felt like it was October as I put more Europeans in the log than I have
> worked in November, December and January all put together (over 30 of 
> them).
> I worked SMs, OHs, two EA6s, some Is, HB9, OE, SP, DL, GW and G (from 
> memory,
> probably forgot a few).  I also worked the YW0.

Tree, et al:

The good propagation to Europe even made its way down to Los
Angeles last night well enough to penetrate my urban QRN. Heard
S59A and I2ZFD with good signals, worked IK4WMA (he was so
loud I thought he was a K4 instead of an IK4), and got solid replies
from Bosse SM4PBT and OH1ND. Unfortunately, the SM4 and
OH1 both faded mid-QSO (for a few seconds I savored the sweet
taste of victory, however).

Was great to finally get a piece of the Euro action, albeit a small
one, from my 50 x 100 city lot!!

73, Mike W4EF/6

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