Topband: Norton preamp

kurt-erich.finger at kurt-erich.finger at
Wed Feb 14 16:05:06 EST 2007

While Dallas Lankford uses FT50-75 toroids in his design of a Norton amplifier, I found an article on where a Norton amplifierwith binocular cores BN43-2402 is described (a design by Joe Reisert) . I just tried to make the windings, however, I discovered that it is impossible to do a 12db amplifier with AWG 32 wire even if trying do the 9.5db version which uses 9 windings you have to squeeze the wire into  this little binocular. (I could use a smaller wire, but I don't have a smaller wire at hand right now)
Can I replace the BN43-2402 with its larger brother BN43-202? Second question: Wouldn't a BN73-2(4)02 a better choice?

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