Topband: Coordinates for the Low Band Monitor WAC 40K Award

George (K8GG) & Marijke Guerin gmguerin at
Thu Feb 15 12:02:16 EST 2007

Fellow Topbanders:

For those of you competing for the "Low Band Monitor" 160 meter WAC 40K 
mileage challenge this year, my wife was able to "Google" and 
come up with the coordinates for Moucha Island where J20RR/J20MM were 
operating and for Agatti Island where the VU7RG 160 meter station operating 
around 1827 KHz was located.

Moucha Island, Djibouti:
Latitude 11°43'14"N, Longitude  43°11'53"E.
Agatti Island, Lakshadeep:
Latitude 10°50'55"N, Longitude 72°11'22"E

Go to the W4SM website to download WINGRID 4.1 
software, to calculate distances by Grid Squares or Latitude and Longitude 
from your QTH to that of the station worked on each continent.

GL & 73        George  K8GG

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