Topband: QSLing

LY2IJ ly2ij at
Thu Feb 15 15:06:12 EST 2007

Oposite picture here:
after 15 months of activity on TB I have:
 42 states cfm via LoTW,
 1 cfm via buro, 
 5 cfm direct with less than 1.5 month turnover time with most 
       probably insufitient 1 IRC - sri guys - my fault, 
 1 - K9FD - on the way and will be in LoTW for sure (I didn't upload
       this year logs yet)
 1 - SD - waiting for direct 2 months, but started to doubt if that 
       was real QSO
      (I was full enough not to spent more than 15 mins on W0SD in ARRL 160 
       contest to have his attention - he is on LoTW too).

DXCC - not so good, 210 wkd, 170 cfm (with 125 via LoTW), but some
directs not sent yet. 

73 and CU all in ARRL CW on 160 this weekend (and South Dakota..:)
Arunas / LY2ij

(I am not so good in direct too - takes long, LoTW and bureau is much
easier for me - sri)
WAS on 160.  Of the 44 QSLs I mailed I got back 29.  

Wes - W3WL

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