Topband: What's best (your opinion)

Dave Blaschke w5un at
Thu Feb 15 18:26:41 EST 2007

OK let me ask a question of you top band (or any band) operators and 

I am on 1.823.5 calling CQ and working stations. A station shows up 
at 1.823.8 and another at 1.823.2, both with S9+20 db signals, and 
calling CQ. What current radio, and with which roofing filter(s) can 
handle this situation best?

Now, I realize that I am going to get some subjective opinions, but 
this is fine. I just want ot get a feel for what is working now-a-days

  I currently use a FT1000D with 4 kHz INRAD roofing filter, together 
with 250, 500, and 2000 Hz filters. But I have no idea how this 
compares with some of the more modern radios under the above stated 
operating conditions.

Dave, W5UN

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