Topband: This morning on 160 meters

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Thu Feb 22 07:31:08 EST 2007

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A  strange thing happened to me this morning. After calling "CQ DX"  on 1820  
khz so many Japanese stations came back to my call, it was difficult to get a 
 clear call sign out of the many calling.  Finally I managed about 3 or 4  
stations did stand out and I was able to have some very fine qso's.  I  believe 
the point that I am making is that condx have been very good to the  west from 
my location in Florida. I copied the FK3 and the VK9 with reasonably  good 
sigs as well as several other before now I was uable to hear.  It  appears that 
it is finally my turn to at least hear the dx again and even get  to work a 
few!!!!!  73's aall.


W2PM Replies:
Ive often seen reference to "lots of JA's and JA pileups" on Topband posts  
and while I know there are many hams in JA it seems unusual for so much 
apparent  160 activity given antenna dimension issues and famous JA lot sizes in the  
populated areas.  Does anyone have a feel for how popular 160 really is in  
JA?  If I were to assess that from my JA 160 experience I'd say there  aren't 
any !   ;<
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