Topband: Boring report

Tree tree at
Thu Feb 22 10:55:48 EST 2007

During the past week, Europe has been workable from Boring, Oregon on about
75 percent of the nights.  These have typically been via the northern path
and my new EU beverage is really doing the job.

An interesting statistic is that the band is starting to sound a lot more 
like it did back in October - which only makes sense as we are now about
the same distance from the winter solstice.  

RA4LW was easily found last night - even before my computer booted up (imagine
finding the DX on your own using the big knob on the radio).  This was 
our 3rd or 4th QSO during the past week - which was what I experienced in

During November, December and January, I had exactly one QSO with RA4LW, and
that was from HC8N.

Also worked last night - UA4HBW, a couple of SMs and a G3.  

Tree N6TR
tree at

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