Topband: This morning on 160 meters

ku8e at ku8e at
Thu Feb 22 11:46:52 EST 2007

What Bill says is true. My first night on PJ4 our friends down at HP1XX were listening to me
and heard tons of guys calling me that I didn't hear because our beverage was not up yet.
On Thursday night we had the beverage installed and I could here just about anyone from 
the USA that called - even the QRPers.... Unfortunately, I didn't have a EU beverage.

Thanks for all the tips on RCV antennas from everyone a couple weeks ago.. We ended up putiing up a 500 foot beverage down the road behind the PJ4G station antennas. This road ran into a valley which had cliffs that blocked all directions except for the USA. What a great RCV antenna. I could hear everyone from the USA - even the QRP guys.

Thanks for all the QSO's.    Jeff    KU8E  (aka PJ4/KU8E)

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