Topband: FK8CP on TB

W7CE w7ce at
Sat Feb 24 00:40:26 EST 2007

> LY3UM heard Remi at 1815 and he was readable at 1850 Z when I arrived
> to my station, but sigs faded out in seconds - before my PA warmed up.
> Any info on his further activities on TB?
> 15000 km and 58 deg from there.
> 73
> Arunas / LY2ij

I worked Remi here in WA at1500Z on CW and 13 minutes later on SSB.  My
sunrise was at 1503Z today.  For CW, he is usually on 1831 kHz.  The SSB QSO
was on 1840 kHz.  DX cluster spots showed that he had been on for quite a
while before I worked him.  I've heard him before today but he was always
very weak and could not copy me.  Today he peaked 599 on CW.  By the time we
worked on SSB he was down to 55.  Distance here is much closer at about
10000 km.

Clay  W7CE

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