Topband: Fwd: What RX antennas to use during a run

peter hutter pdhutter at
Wed Feb 28 07:04:31 EST 2007

Starting in the early 1990's at WW2Y we would select multiple 
beverage arrays combined
at the same time to catch callers from multiple directions during the 
high rate hours.
Also, we had four receivers including the run that were linked to a 
special nulling system  developed by K2WI and I (long before anyone 
else). Each receiver could hear weak stations
within a few Khz of the XMIT frequency. It worked so well that often 
two qsos would occur at the same time. One operator would take 
control of the transmitter sending the contest exchange while the 
other would be receiving the contest exchange. The other two 
operators would be ready for their turn to call. This technique 
worked well for finding weak Europeans as well as stateside stations. 
We had two separate nulling systems operating simultaneously covering 
Europe and to the west.

Peter WW2Y

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