Topband: Stew_Perry & CQ_callers

Thomas Herrmann DL1AMQ at
Tue Jan 2 09:48:20 EST 2007

Taking part in the SP was nice, but ...
how to QSO with JAs in our evening hours, if 1810 ... 1825 is full of european big gun CQ_callers, having very short RXing gaps only ?

Yes, I can hear JAs and yes, I can be heard by JAs in normal cases. But, I'm not equiped to competite with the big guns in holding frequencies by calling CQ for hours. As a result, I copied different JAs while their QSOs with calling EUs as far as the EUs kept listening. No chance to hear / to reach the JAs after. There was 1 exception only: JA3YBK (thank You so much!). He struggeled hard to get my grid info.

I'm really interested in the ratio number "JAs per hour for CQ_calling stations" vs. "JAs per hour for searching & pouncing stations". It seems to me, that the primary effect of CQ_calling stations was to prevent others from JA_QSOs; sorry.    

Concerning NAs in our morning hours, the situation was slightly different; the usefull frequency range is larger and it looks like different EUs lost their focus due to low band DXconds.

Never the less, I will take part also in upcoming SP and will keep my dreams on getting JAs.
73 de Thomas, DL1AMQ

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