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Tue Jan 2 16:42:22 EST 2007

poor spell check. law in last message should be L(inverted L) for 160 mtrs
                       de Jim N4ZY
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Hello I am new to reflector. and very new to top band. need suggestions as how to get started with my limited conditions. am now using a inverted law with 30 1/4 wave radials for 160. my problem is obtaining the height. most I can get is 40 feet. I have the LAW strung between 2 trees but with sag all I can get is 40ft.I HAVE A 48FT tower which has a pushcart 2 el 40 mar yogi and 10 feet above that is a Mosley  Classic 33.I have tried to shunt feed that but so far no luck.must be doing something wrong. I have managed to work about 60 dx stations over the years but need to get going on Top Band.enjoyed the last SP contest .any suggestion would be helpful
                                  73 de Jim N4ZY

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