Topband: Need advice

Björn Mohr bm at
Sun Jan 7 17:21:03 EST 2007

Pete G4JBR wrote: 

>> Hi I'm just about to go broadband here and am contemplating a wireless
connection because we use two computers most of the time....will I cause it
any trouble from my 400w on Topband and will it give me any trouble?..IT
ignorant.. is there another way to go ie non wireless? <<


My experience is that wireless is the safest route to go! The more cables
you have, the better antenna you have to pick up RF with. I have had
troubles before with 80 and 160 meter RF hitting the phone lines and modems
to kill internet connections. With wireless I have not seen the same trouble
as with wired connections. Right now I use wireless 3G broadband and I have
never seen a problem with RFI disturbing this service.

Using a wireless router might not help in all cases, especially if connected
to a DSL broadband might which might be a good topband antenna. If you use a
wireless router to your fixed broadband you can keep phone lines as far away
from the shack and as short as possible. If you have a choice, I believe
CATV broadband should be more immune to RF than DSL. Others might have other

73 de Björn /SM0MDG

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