Topband: Wow - thanks for the input about moving the Stew

k3bu at k3bu at
Wed Jan 10 10:43:46 EST 2007

I think TBDC should be left in the spot where it is, fills the hole in the 160 contest calendar perfectly. 
For those looking for additional activity around equinox there is Tesla Cup, has 160m category, 24 hour duration with 22 hours of operating, exchange is grid square, scoring system slightly different, based on grid "stripes" being multipliers and this should fill the void for top banders.
For various reasons contest wasn't popularized in the past, but this year Tesla RC is establishing new home and activities and will publicize this event scheduled for the last weekend of September.
With this arrangement topbanders will have bunch of contests spread out over the winter.
Rules are at and click on TESLA CUP.
 If it ain't broken, don't fix it.
73 Yuri, K3BU

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