Topband: Effect of DC on Ferrite Toroids?

Raoul Coetzee raoulc at
Wed Jan 10 13:26:16 EST 2007

Tom wrote:
'As a matter of fact there can be low frequency ground loop
currents that are **not** from power applied to the
transmission line. These current could be from nearby VLF
transmitters, power line ground loops, battery between
dissimilar grounds, or other problems.'Unquote

This is scary!
How do you know if you are exposed to such trouble?I think in my small
property it would be unlikly to develope such a problem but with somebody
close to a power sub station or heavy industrial power supplies/supply
lines/tranformers it could be a real problem!
I know about a case where a powerline engineer was killed because of an
earting problem 1/2 a mile away, imagine the power
available to cook your core,excuse the pun. Tom, how do one check on this
potential problem?
Raoul ,

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