Topband: Beverages

Josep ea6bf at
Thu Jan 11 07:06:37 EST 2007

Hi all,

I pretend to put 2 beverages up for the next CQWW160, and left them stay there. I am living in a slope in the country, so the wire will not run flat. Also I have to cross a country-road, so the high will be also modified, and expect highs between 9ft to 12ft, perhaps sometimes a bit more. I think I can run 550ft (300º USA) long wire, maybe 1 of them around 700ft (045º JA/ASIA). The thing is that I will be testing one within the next week, and left it "open". If it works good, than I will have bi-directional beverage, but if not satisfied, then I will have to "terminate" it, so I will need to run some 500ft coax line to feed the antenna. To left it open: should I ground the xformer side..? Or just connect it together with the coax shield..?I have played with "binocular" ferrites like Tom W8JI does, but no good results here. So I played with toroids with a testing (MFJ-259) results of: SWR 1.1/1 and 42 ohms with a 680 resistor, is that a good value to start playing with beverages..? I cann´t find better wire here, so I have bought 1,5mm multifiliar coated electric line. Any tips are welcome. Tnx!


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